Kelly and Andrew | A Shrewsbury Engagement Session

They’ve known each other for years through church.  Known who the other was but not really known.  Until Andrew called Kelly’s mother to thank her for a card and talk led to introductions which eventually led to them in front of our cameras for an engagement session.  Now they are planning a life together, breaking ground for a new house, and tilling earth for crops (well Andrew does the tilling while Kelly rides shotgun).  When I commented on how comfy the tractor’s jump seat looked compared to the old standard of a 5 gallon pail or a tool box Kelly told me “That’s my seat.  Some of the best conversations we’ve had have been in the cab of that tractor driving back and forth in the field.”  She also told us that everyone had told her she’d know when she met the right man but she always wondered how she’d know until she met Andrew.  And she knew.

We had a great time shooting their engagement pictures and look forward to their wedding next year.  So much joy and respect is evident, capped with laughter it can only make good things happen.

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  1. Randy & Marlene Gardner says:

    Great looking couple!! The best of look to you both. By the way, Kelly,… do you let Andrew drive that tractor? ;)

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