Thirty Years


It was on this day thirty years ago, June 16, 1984.  Of course it was a Saturday, the sun was shining, the day was beautiful, and I was a nervous twenty year old.  It was on this day thirty years ago that I married a little girl from Poland and irrevocably changed my life.  I had no choice.  I was in love.

Thirty years!  Some days it seems like a heart beat and other days a life time.  We began our life together with little more than a desire to build a life as one, to face whatever came at us as a team, and to do that with the one person we couldn’t live without.  There were no certainties.  We had a tiny two bedroom apartment, a rusting and primered Honda, and no education – that would come later as we put each other through school.  Now after thirty years we have so much.  We have two beautiful daughters who are kind, smart and caring and now building their own lives.  We have happy memories and adventures tucked away that we can bring out and share around a campfire or that accompany us on walks or in quiet moments with our heads together.  We have the wisdom that comes from learning things the hard way, and the satisfaction that comes from the same source.  We have a hand to hold – walking, driving, sitting around talking, or just a quiet moment – there is always a hand to hold.  A hand to help us up, to steady our pace, to lead the other forward, or to pull them back from danger.

Over the course of the past thirty years we have loved, argued, dreamed, schemed, built, and challenged.  We have held hands and laughed together in the joyful adventure life’s thrown at us and carried each other through loss and sorrow.  We’ve supported each other, nurtured the other’s creativity and quest for more, faced uncertainty and met parenting head on.  We’ve seen many dreams go unrealized and some plans fail, but we’ve always known that good or bad, we were by each other’s side while picking up the pieces and planning our next step.

As I look at Ewa now I realize that she is no longer the little girl that I loved and married.  She is the woman that I love and have built a life with.  Not two lives shared but one.  We often say our spouse is our better half but there is little to delineate us as our lives have grown together, intertwined like roots.

Our lives are filled with choices every day, but in my life with Ewa I have had no choice.  I had no choice in loving her, it’s what my heart wants.  I had no choice in building a life with her, it’s made us who we are.  And now I look forward to celebrating the next thirty year milestone with her, and who knows, we’ll shoot for the one after that.

Happy Anniversary Ewa.  You’ve made my life everything that it is today and you continue to shape it with each new dawn.  You are the flavour and spice in my every moment, and my support and security even when I don’t realize I need it.  You are everything that makes a home worth coming home to and forever a part of me.

I love you!

I have no choice!


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  1. Morietta says:

    Brought tears to my eyes & memories to my heart. . True love..
    Happy Anniversary and many, many more.

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